Friday, January 6, 2012

Facebook Announcement for People who can't access facebook

Post by JeeHoon:

Discussion on 6/1/2012

1. We've come to conclusion that we're going to do a normal demonstration so it can be much easier than situational one.

2. Here's the general list of roles that members are in for Demo:
- Pattern : Kevin, Siah Wei, Ryan, Darshan, Mason
- Unarmed combat : Siah Wei, Hao En, Valery (this is going 2 be fun :D)
- Destruction : Nicholas, Yong Jie, Aziel, Chinni, Yong Lin, Sherwin.

This is a general list, we're going to change the role if we have to, depends on our situation, so please be aware and cooperate if should there be any change in the role.

This is really important as we can't have a demo without a BGM. It will be boring. so if there's any good song for demo please share it on the group. THIS COMES FIRST BEFORE ANY DEMO PLANNING SINCE WE ARE GOING TO USE MUSIC TO KEEP OUR TIMING AND PLAN OUT THE MOVEMENTS SO DO SEARCH THIS FIRST BEFORE ANY PLANNING. My personal opinion is that song must be an engaging one, i'll try to find some example or my choices up on the group, you can refer to it and find some. It will be very good if it is K-pop since TKD is from Korea, it'll be a matching set. However, the choice depends on you, so it doesn't really have to be K-pop, it can be other songs so do not worry and feel free to share them and we'll decide by voting on this group to save our time.

4. Basic plannings for demo:
I will ask for plastic planks to Mr Dennis, we should buy few to practice destruction. I'm not sure on the date for CCA day, if i can, i'll ask Mr Dennis or Mr Jerome Tan for the date and tell you. For the pattern, you can choose to either make on your own or copy few moves from the recorded ones on the youtube. However, I do not want you to copy everything. Try to find few moves from different videos and combine together and modify to make it into ours. If there is any good examples of it, you can find and share it in the group to use it as reference while planning the moves. For unarmed combat, consult Sir Lee for few moves and also you can learn it from internet and combine them together.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Contact list and Teachers' Day Performance

Hi Saishwar and Yonglin,

Please return the completed contact list to me as soon as possible.

Hi Everyone,

Can someone submit me the list of people who participated in the Teachers' Day performance?

Mr Dennis

Thursday, September 1, 2011

TKD Training during Sept Holiday


There will be no TKD training during Sept holiday. Please inform everyone.
Thank you!

Mr Dennis

Monday, July 11, 2011

Training Matters

Hi Team,

I am happy to see some of you stay back for extra training today. Sorry, I was around but couldn't be training with you in the dance studio.

I will be away for In-Camp Training from 12th to 22th July. Training will continue as normal. In my absence, look for Mr Lam Hin Chew if you have any question pertaining to CCA. In case of any emergency during training, look for staff in the General Office immediately.


Mr Dennis

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Training Cancelled


Training on 8 Jul, Friday, has to be cancelled as the coaches and the teacher-in-charge are not available. Please inform everyone.

Mr Dennis

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Break Through Training

HI Everyone,

There will be a Break Through Training on Monday, 11 July, from 3-4pm. Come in your TKD attire or trackpants.

See ya!

Mr Dennis

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The ice-breaking


For ice-breaking, we need to sit in a circle.
These are the steps:
1. Introduce yourself
2. Try to remember the names of everyone
3. We must have someone to hold a stick or roll.

The rules:
The person holding the stick is the "tagger". The tagger gets to go to whoever he/she wants to go. That person who the tagger is going to (which is called the player) has to say out a name that he/she knows before the tagger comes and takes his/her position.

If the tagger reaches the player before the player says out the name, the player and the tagger will switch roles.
If the player says out a name before the tagger reaches his/her, the tagger would have to go to the person that the player said out and that person will now become the player.

This continues forever….